I’m back, sorry! (I don’t mean “sorry I’m back”, I mean “sorry I’ve been away for so long, but I’m back now”)

Me about to get in the bath fully clothed

I have been a terrible person.

I haven’t posted anything for months. Nearly the whole year. I mean, I have excuses, plenty of them, but I don’t really want to go into them here in any great detail, except to say that I’ve had a bloody awful year. I might do a post over on Braindump because nobody ever reads that, but I’ve been amazed to see that people are still visiting here even though I haven’t posted anything in months. I’ve let you all down, and I’m really sorry. I’ll do better in future.

So, in the hope of making it up to you, I’ve decided to do something I swore I’d never do. A few weeks ago I was looking through some old DVD-Rs of stuff I’d backed up from an old laptop ages ago, and I found some photos. I don’t usually take photos of myself in the bath, partly because I don’t want to leave any incriminating evidence, but mainly because I don’t like looking at myself. Having said that, looking back on these photos from 2013, I thought they came out quite well. So, because I’ve been so useless at posting anything recently, I thought I’d offer them up on my Patreon as a thank you and an apology.

I know I said I’d never post photos of myself, so I’ve made sure to choose ones where you can’t see much of my face, and I’ve been so conflicted about whether I should do this or not that it’s now the evening of December 1st and if I don’t do it now, it’ll be too late, so here we go. You get this preview one for free; if you want to see me taking a bath in my office clothes (black trousers and a red T-shirt over a white long sleeved top), sign up and you’ll get one a day, getting progressively wetter until Christmas. I’ll probably delete them all at the end of the month, so this could be your only chance actually see me in wet clothes!

I’m happy for you to download the photos for your own personal use, but please don’t share them anywhere else. Feel free to share the Patreon link with anyone you think might appreciate it though! And I promise to write more in the very near future, I have loads to tell you about!

Hannah x

Other people’s clothes

Woman shopping for clothes in a charity shop

Hi guys! Now, since I started blogging I’ve had quite a few guys emailing me trying to get a female perspective on what still seems to be a male-dominated fetish, so I thought I’d offer my services as a kind of wetlook counsellor. Gabi did say I’d be good at it, after all… If you’d like my advice on a wet clothing-related issue, drop me an email and we’ll discuss it here! Don’t worry, I’ll keep everything strictly anonymous.

My first client is here already… let’s call him Tom, because that’s a name. After I posted about my adventure in someone else’s shower, Tom emailed me for a bit of advice:

Hi Hannah, so enjoyed your recent post! And I share your guilt at such thoughts and actions. I too have been at a friend’s house to feed the fish while she was away. I wore some of her clothes. I cross dressed! The thought of wearing her clothes played on my mind for days before that first visit. So it was hard to fight once I was actually there as I’m sure you can imagine! I slipped on a pair of her chinos and a blue shirt. And like you, before I could change my mind I hopped in the shower. It was so good! So naughty and dangerous!

The next day I did it again! Black trousers, blouse and rain jacket. Oh my!

The third day I had to be quick so no time for fun sadly.

Fourth day I wore a full trouser suit. Made sure it was machine washable! Oh my wow! and wow again.

That left a couple of days to make sure all was dry by the weekend and her return.

On a different day it may not have even occurred to me to do that. Or if it had I would have rejected the idea. In fact on a previous visit nothing like that had happened. I’d done the tasks needed and left. I guess it had been playing on my mind, the what if? Add that to feeling very excited that day I did wear her clothes and you have an explosive combination. It was a combination of me loving the feel of her clothes and imagining her wet in them and just feeling a bit wild. Though it sounds like the fetish made me lose control it didn’t. It just gave me the courage to do something a bit wild and naughty.

I found a bag she had labeled for charity shop. Most were her daughter’s clothes but I did find a couple of things of hers: a thin rain jacket. I know she hated it because of the pattern. a bit too girly for her. Also a pair of Chinos that I think were too big for her (perfect for me :)) A couple of tops and a couple of blouses. And a pair of wide legged trousers. So I kept those and took the rest to charity shop for her (which she thanked me for on her return. Saved her a job.) I’ve worn the chinos, blouse and rain jacket so far. had a nice long soak in a foamy bath. Mmmmm…

Was I bad to keep a couple of items of her clothing? I feel bad. Feel I may have crossed a line or something.

Love some advice

Oooh Tom. Well, there are two issues here. Firstly, is going into her wardrobe and taking out some of her clothes to wear in the shower a step too far? It’s certainly a bit beyond what I did, but the circumstances are quite different. In my case it was a quick opportunistic moment – Kim’s clothes were already on the drying rack, and if they hadn’t been there I certainly wouldn’t have gone through her wardrobe to find something to soak. But it also depends on your relationship with your friend (who I’m going to call Bailey for no real reason). You say that you were imagining Bailey getting wet in the clothes you wore, so I’m guessing you have a bit of a crush on her at the very least. From the tone of your email I’m quite sure that there was nothing sinister about your intentions, and I can totally understand the urge to fantasise about someone you’re attracted to getting their clothes all wet. As long as you treated her clothes respectfully and made sure they were all dried out properly and put back in their correct place with no incriminating evidence left behind, I’m inclined to say that no harm was done. Maybe don’t go rummaging in her wardrobe next time though…

As for the charity bag, I’d say fill your boots. 😉 Once she’s decided to get rid of those clothes, they’re fair game as far as I’m concerned. One of my first wet experiences – which I really must get around to writing about soon – involved a bag of clothes for the charity shop, many of which never got there because I took them to wear in the bath. Those clothes are no longer Bailey’s, so I hope you’re enjoying getting wet in them and imagining her doing the same. You might consider making a donation to the charity concerned though, since you took some of their donations!

Anyway, those are my thoughts, hope they’re of some help to you. I’d love to hear what everyone else thinks about this… Please feel free to comment and share your opinion!

Hannah x

If I was your girlfriend…

Loveheart on a beach

Hi guys! So, I’ve been pondering for a while about how I can persuade more people that my work is worth at least a small amount of money every month. I’ve had lots of positive comments on the blog and via email, for which I’m very grateful of course, but I’ve been struggling to find something I can do on Patreon that’s a bit more personal for those of you who like my stories enough to pay for them. Then yesterday I woke up at 5am with a Prince song in my head and it all fell into place.

So, announcing a new feature for $10 Patreon backers: this is If I Was Your Girlfriend.

I know from years of lurking in wetlook forums that there are lots of frustrated guys out there whose partners just don’t get the appeal of wet clothes. They find it weird, they might possibly tolerate it for a while but it doesn’t do anything for them and they certainly won’t spontaneously get their clothes wet to please their man, even though they know how much it turns him on. Since I stuck my head above the parapet, I get a constant stream of guys contacting me to say how great it is to find a woman who understands and enjoys wet clothing. So, maybe I can offer my services in some small way and indulge your fantasies – a bit like ordering custom videos from wetlook producers, except you’d be getting a story instead of a video. A story you can use to fire up your imagination and fantasise over as much as you like.

Here’s how it works: back me on Patreon at the Dive right in ($10/month) or Total immersion ($20/month) levels, then get in touch with a scenario and I’ll tell you how I’d turn it into a wetlook adventure if I was your girlfriend. We might be walking by a fountain, or at a wedding where there just happens to be a pool, or casually passing by a hot tub showroom… It’s entirely up to you! I’ll write a story based on your chosen situation, and I’ll post it here on Patreon for you and all my Patrons can enjoy.

If you’re already backing me at $10/month or above, have a think about a wet situation you’d like us to end up in if I was your girlfriend, and either email me or send me a message on here. Otherwise, sign up and get access to this stream of fully clothed, soaking wet fantasy scenarios!

Hannah x

Someone else’s shower

It’s been nearly a year since I moved out of my old flat in Newcastle, and there are only two things I miss: the huge corner bathtub and the tumble dryer.

I can make do with the smaller bath, but the lack of a tumble dryer is something I still haven’t adjusted to. The flat is pretty cramped so there isn’t really anywhere to put one, which means we’re resigned to drying laundry on the radiators or on the heated clothes rack in the kitchen. A heated clothes rack sounds like a great idea but in fact it takes forever to dry anything, as I keep finding out when I go to get clean underwear in the morning and everything on the dryer is still damp. It’s a good thing I don’t mind going out in not-quite-dry underwear, that’s all I can say. I don’t know how “normal” people manage. » Read more

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