A quick shower

Morning! So, another exciting day here at H2O Towers… I’ve just done something spontaneous that I haven’t done since I moved in here about six months ago. Can you guess what it is? 😉

My flatmate’s gone to work and I’m up early to get on with stuff – mainly writing a big post about my summer holiday, which I was keen to get on with… but my enthusiasm spilled over a little, as did my coffee, and since I’ve got the place to myself and laundry to do, one thing led to another and before I knew what was happening, the urge was upon me and I was heading to the shower with my pyjamas still on.
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Hello! Just checking in to say thanks for all the supportive messages after my recent outpouring… A lot of people have been in touch to say that they suffer from similar issues, which is kind of reassuring in a way, even though I wouldn’t wish it on any of you. Does that make sense? Well, I know what I mean, anyway…

Things are still somewhat up and down but, inspired by one of my Twitter friends, I’m endeavouring to be more like Sally…

A pair of trousers. Called Dave.On an almost unrelated note, do you ever have dreams where you’re getting intimate with someone, but you wake up and have no idea who it was? It happened to me early this morning. In the dream I was in the bath – fully clothed, naturally – and there was someone else in the bathroom who I was trying to convince to join me in the tub, but he didn’t want to get his jeans wet, so I told him to take them off and go to my wardrobe to see if I had a pair of trousers that would fit him! He was trying to squeeze into a pair of trousers like these when I woke up… I don’t even own a pair of trousers like that.

Still no idea who he was, either. If it was you, let me know… 😉


storm clouds

It’s been an unusually warm, dry, sunny summer in the UK this year. Most years we’re lucky if we get a couple of weeks of decent weather (usually one in May and another in September, with a constant drizzle in between), but this year June and July were pretty spectacular. In fact, this has been easily the longest spell of good weather I can remember; people have been comparing it to the heatwave of 1976, which was long before I was born, and I remember 2003 was very hot (I was 13 and had a lot of water fights that summer!) but I’ve never known a summer like this. Of course the rain had to come eventually, but after such a long dry spell it would be a relief when it did.

It happened a few Fridays ago; my last day at work before taking a week off, but that’s another post for another time. The warm sunshine of the past few weeks had been gradually giving way to a more overcast, oppressive heat and by Friday the clouds were gunmetal grey and ready to burst.

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Where I’ve been


Hello… remember me? Please say yes…

So, yeah, this is awkward. I know I disappeared for a long time and without any warning, and I’m really sorry for that, but the last few months have been pretty tough. If you’re interested enough to want to know all the things that have happened to me since last November, please keep reading. On the other hand, if you’re just here for some hot wetlook action, feel free to skip to my next post which will follow this one almost immediately. » Read more