A quick shower

Morning! So, another exciting day here at H2O Towers… I’ve just done something spontaneous that I haven’t done since I moved in here about six months ago. Can you guess what it is? 😉

My flatmate’s gone to work and I’m up early to get on with stuff – mainly writing a big post about my summer holiday, which I was keen to get on with… but my enthusiasm spilled over a little, as did my coffee, and since I’ve got the place to myself and laundry to do, one thing led to another and before I knew what was happening, the urge was upon me and I was heading to the shower with my pyjamas still on.
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Hot water

A shower

Well now, this is a blog post that started off going one direction and changed course when I thought I was just about finished writing it!

Sunday morning in November. A clear, crisp morning, strangely quiet, the stillness only broken by a disgruntled neighbour furiously scraping half an inch of frost off his car windscreen before he can go anywhere. Why is it so quiet? I stick a tentative arm out from under the duvet and find out. » Read more