storm clouds

It’s been an unusually warm, dry, sunny summer in the UK this year. Most years we’re lucky if we get a couple of weeks of decent weather (usually one in May and another in September, with a constant drizzle in between), but this year June and July were pretty spectacular. In fact, this has been easily the longest spell of good weather I can remember; people have been comparing it to the heatwave of 1976, which was long before I was born, and I remember 2003 was very hot (I was 13 and had a lot of water fights that summer!) but I’ve never known a summer like this. Of course the rain had to come eventually, but after such a long dry spell it would be a relief when it did.

It happened a few Fridays ago; my last day at work before taking a week off, but that’s another post for another time. The warm sunshine of the past few weeks had been gradually giving way to a more overcast, oppressive heat and by Friday the clouds were gunmetal grey and ready to burst.

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