whirlpool bath

All my cares floated away from me as I closed my eyes and lay back into the beautifully warm, bubbly water. For that moment, nothing mattered. My jeans, sweater, boots, even my underwear were thoroughly drenched. I had no dry clothes to change into. I’d have to go home dripping wet. I didn’t care. Below the surface I undid the zipper of my jeans and allowed my fingers to slip inside, lightly brushing the soaked cotton of my panties.
“Miss,” the flustered salesman stammered, “if you’re not going to buy the hot tub I’m afraid you’ll have to get out.”

Shared experiences

Two people showering separately

Hi! Once again, it’s been an interesting week. On a whim, I decided I should open up a bit more on Facebook; I’ve been running a page for my blog for a while, but now – in direct contravention of the Facebook rules, but who’s counting – I’ve set up a profile for HannaH2O which I intend to keep entirely 100% separate from my “vanilla” profile, so don’t even ask. 😛 It seems to have gone quite well, and if you’re one of the people who found me here because I popped up on your Facebook feed, hello! » Read more

Wet working

wet phone

OMG, you lot are such a bad influence! 😀

So I’m working from home today, something my boss is quite happy for us to do from time to time, because the office is quite small and if any of us are working on something we can do at home, it gives everyone else a bit of room to stretch out! So I started the day full of good intentions, had an extra half hour in bed because I didn’t need to commute in to work, but was up, dressed and in front of the computer by 8.30 ready to start work. Hmm, thinks I, maybe I’ll just log in to UMD and check my messages before I get started.

Before I know where I am it’s after 10am and I’ve read and replied to loads of stimulating and thought provoking messages, but done no work whatsoever! Just as I’m making my excuses on the way out of the virtual door back to real life, someone in my messages pipes up:

“If you’re at home, why aren’t you lying in the bath fully clothed?” » Read more