River of dreams

The river

I took this photo yesterday, a crisp but bitterly cold January morning. Walking along by the river, I thought about a comment someone had left on my blog, about how he was in the habit of getting wet in lakes or rivers whenever he felt like it, and how I should just do the same. Obviously he’d never been to Musselburgh. If I’d gone in the river yesterday I don’t think I’d have made it back to the car without freezing solid. But it seems that the idea stayed in my subconscious. Let me tell you about the dream I had last night, which I promise is 100% true and not made up for click bait… » Read more

This tub ain’t big enough for both of us

Girl with a glass of wine

Hi guys! So, if you’ve been following my other blog Hannah’s Braindump you’ll be aware that I had some sad news about one of my old university friends last week. I wrote a long blog post about him and the time we spent the night together, but then decided it wasn’t the right time to post all the intimate details. You can read the whole thing on Patreon or sanitised version on Braindump, but the tl;dr of it is that we were really close friends but both too shy to make a move, until I eventually did and then he took a job in Australia and I never saw him again.

So you’ll understand that I wasn’t really in the mood to celebrate my birthday last Friday. Instead of wild partying I spent the day at home, curled up on the sofa with Barry the cat, watching old TV shows. My flatmate Gabi, though, had other ideas. I was enjoying my quiet, uneventful evening when she came crashing in with a box of wine and two huge takeaway pizzas. “Did somebody order a birthday?” » Read more

Dirty money?

Wet money

You’re a wetlook fan, right? That’s why you’re here. I’m perceptive like that. It’s probably one of the main things you spend time looking at on the internet. There’s plenty of it out there.

I’d like you to think back to a time before you had an unlimited supply of everything: a time before you had internet access. I’m aware that a lot of people can’t remember such a time, but if you’re over about 25 then you must have the most horrific memories of those days. You probably thought you were the only one who was turned on by people in wet clothes. There was nowhere to go to satisfy your kink; if you did manage to pluck up the courage to pick something off the top shelf in the newsagent’s, there was still little or nothing of interest to you. You’d buy any mainstream magazine that had even a single wet picture in it, no matter what the magazine was about; pay good money for CDs with wetlook artwork, even if you hated the music they contained; rent any old terrible VHS or DVD on the off-chance that there might be a wet clothing scene in it. Dark times. » Read more

The lure of the sea

Girl on beach

To warm you up at the start of the long, miserable slog through to spring, here’s a story from last summer. I started writing it at the end of August, like a traditional back-to-school “What I did on my summer holidays” kind of post. Not exactly the kind I would have dared write when I was at school though!

So, against my better judgement, I got talked into going camping. It’s never been something that appealed to me – when I go on holiday I like little home comforts like beds, toilets, floors, that kind of thing. This summer, though, my cousin Marianne convinced me to go and spend a week in a tent with her and her kids. We were never really that close when we were younger, but Marianne split up with her long-term partner around the same time I moved back up to Scotland, so we bonded over our individual personal problems. One evening she came round to my place for tea1 and sympathy, and ended up convincing me to go camping with her. I agreed partly out of sympathy, as otherwise she and the girls wouldn’t have had a holiday this year and I felt they deserved one; and partly out of guilt as it was Marianne’s daughter Eilidh who I nearly killed in the black ice incident before Christmas. And, I suppose, partly out of relief and gratitude that they still trusted me to drive them anywhere.
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New year

The paddling pool at North Berwick

Hello! Happy New Year! Right, here we go, it’s 2019 and I’m determined to be better at not bottling things up this year, so I’ve set up a new blog called Hannah’s Braindump where I can post mental health related stuff, because I want to separate that out and keep this blog exclusively for wet clothes stuff. Please do go and follow me over there if you’re interested, or don’t if you’re not, it’s absolutely fine. I know that sounds really passive aggressive, but I mean it. If that’s not why you’re here, don’t worry about it, that’s why I’ve set up another blog! » Read more