Back again…

Underwater words

Hi guys! I’m really sorry, it’s happened again, hasn’t it? I promised I’d be around more this year, I know. Short explanation: around Christmas my mental health took a turn for the worse. After “just dealing with it” for years I finally gave in and went to the doctor, who put me on pills that basically turned me into a zombie and robbed me of any kind of creative impetus whatsoever. After six weeks or so of that, I decided I’d rather try and put up with the depression and anxiety than stare blankly at the wall all day feeling nothing, and then the whole Covid-19 thing hit and now everything is weird and scary and I need some kind of routine and normality.

So, while I work back up to the level of writing I used to be capable of, I’ve invented a new genre. I call it “100 Word Wetlook” – the idea is to tell a wet clothes story in exactly one hundred words. My intention is to do one a day over on my Patreon, and post the best of them here a couple of times a week. There’ll be a special thank you for my Patreon backers too, because I’m constantly amazed to find that I still have some.

Stay safe, stay indoors, wash your hands, all that, and I’ll talk to you soon!

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  • Steve

    Hi Hannah, I too suffer from depression and on an endless journey to control it but the one thing that does help me is when i get the chance to get wet in my clothes and also reading other peoples adventures/experiences it can give me a real lift as i do find it all very exciting. I love my clothed showers and i also love diving into the sea fully dressed while swimming around underwater with my wet clothes clinging to every little part of me.
    Stay safe.

  • carolinaTURTLE

    Hi Hannah! Well, i just found this website…time to start looking around, etc etc…

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