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Two people showering separately

Hi! Once again, it’s been an interesting week. On a whim, I decided I should open up a bit more on Facebook; I’ve been running a page for my blog for a while, but now – in direct contravention of the Facebook rules, but who’s counting – I’ve set up a profile for HannaH2O which I intend to keep entirely 100% separate from my “vanilla” profile, so don’t even ask. 😛 It seems to have gone quite well, and if you’re one of the people who found me here because I popped up on your Facebook feed, hello!

I’ve also met some cool new friends, including someone who told me a similar story to the dream I had about Gabi deliberately soaking herself in the river, except it happened to him in real life: the weather had been unexpectedly warm and his friend had spent most of the day fighting the urge to cool off in the river, but eventually she couldn’t fight it any longer and just dove in fully clothed, still wearing her jeans, sweater and even her baseball jacket! It’s a feeling I can totally relate to, although personally I would probably have taken the jacket off and kept my shoes on…

As well as that, Gabi’s suggestion that I should become some kind of wet clothing consultant seems to be gaining traction… Completely out of the blue I received an email from someone who’d “stumbled across” my blog and wanted to know more about why wet clothes were such a turn-on. I did my best to explain my theory, about the combination of the physical effects of wet clothes exposing the wearer in a dignified way, and the naughty aspect of doing something forbidden but ultimately harmless. It seemed to work, because he went on to tell me I’d inspired him to try showering fully clothed. This in turn got me all hot and bothered and we both ended up in our respective showers, thousands of miles apart; he in grey sweatpants and black T-shirt, me in jeans and a green silk shirt that I know from past experience goes very see-through when it gets wet. In fact, having gotten myself a bit worked up composing my explanation email in the morning, I think I might have subconsciously put it on that morning in the expectation of getting it wet later!

So that was a rather strange but exciting experience, kind of like taking someone’s wetlook virginity… If I’ve inspired anyone else to try getting in the shower fully clothed, please let me know!

Hannah x

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  • Philip Watson

    I love wet jeans and trousers on a woman they are so wet and sexy I have got wet in my clothes since a young age I love the way they move underwater then cling to your ass and thighs when you get out of the water would love to find someone to get wet with. IT’S fantastic that you get wet in your clothes you would be beautiful in wet jeans or trousers

  • Lauren

    I can relate to so much of this, I do pretty much exactly the same thing, except in mud. I guess I have a lot more work to do than you afterwards as a result! But I love to choose a lovely outfit and wallow in the mud in it.

    • Philip

      Do you ever get wet in your clothes Lauren it fantastic and you would be beautiful and sexy in wet jeans or trousers would you like that Lauren

  • Eduardo

    Hello Hannah, I really love to get wet too, I dream on doing just that, get wet with someone, even if she if far away, I woul really love to get wet with you somehow maybe video or something

  • Ana

    Hello hanna, why do you think, that getting wet with clothes is horny or it produces sexual pleasure?

    • Hannah

      I think it’s a combination of two factors: the physical effect of wet clothes, clinging to the body, going see-through, exposing the body although the wearer still has the dignity of remaining fully clothed; and just the sheer spontaneous joy of soaking all your clothes and not caring what anyone thinks!

      • philip watson

        Yes Hannah it the feeling of the jeans or trousers clinging to your thighs and ass of just running into the sea or shower with your clothes on and a woman in wet jeans or trousers is very sexy

      • Ana

        That is the reason phisically, but mentaly, what is the reason for produce seual pleasure?

        • philip watson

          Hi Hannah I think it’s the way clothes move against your body in and underwater and then they cling to your body completely when you come out of the water I had had my wetlook since I was about 8 years old and love woman getting wet in their clothes wish you were here to get wet with me

          • Attila

            Dea Philip,
            I fully agree with you, and support your opinion. A passing remark: Hannah must be an adorable young lady.

          • Philip

            Do you get wet in you clothes Attila thank you for your comments underwater wetlook is beautiful you would be beautiful in wet jeans or trousers

  • anton brum

    Hi Hannah, I have been a long time bather in wet clothes.I enjoy taking baths in winter clothing ie; cable knit sweaters, thick woolen turtlenecks, fair isle and winter jackets with fur hoods. I believe that if you are going to get wet in clothes, you should go the whole hog! Wearing a skivvy, thick cable knit sweater, trousers,socks and beanie is the way to go! I would like to write a story on your site if possible ” A wet clothes drama”. Thanks.

    • philip watson

      You would be fantastic as a scuba diver looking for treasure underwater you wet suit would be trousers or jeans and a shirt on top I love the way clothes move underwater I love getting wet in my clothes any where I can

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