If I was your girlfriend…

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Hi guys! So, I’ve been pondering for a while about how I can persuade more people that my work is worth at least a small amount of money every month. I’ve had lots of positive comments on the blog and via email, for which I’m very grateful of course, but I’ve been struggling to find something I can do on Patreon that’s a bit more personal for those of you who like my stories enough to pay for them. Then yesterday I woke up at 5am with a Prince song in my head and it all fell into place.

So, announcing a new feature for $10 Patreon backers: this is If I Was Your Girlfriend.

I know from years of lurking in wetlook forums that there are lots of frustrated guys out there whose partners just don’t get the appeal of wet clothes. They find it weird, they might possibly tolerate it for a while but it doesn’t do anything for them and they certainly won’t spontaneously get their clothes wet to please their man, even though they know how much it turns him on. Since I stuck my head above the parapet, I get a constant stream of guys contacting me to say how great it is to find a woman who understands and enjoys wet clothing. So, maybe I can offer my services in some small way and indulge your fantasies – a bit like ordering custom videos from wetlook producers, except you’d be getting a story instead of a video. A story you can use to fire up your imagination and fantasise over as much as you like.

Here’s how it works: back me on Patreon at the Dive right in ($10/month) or Total immersion ($20/month) levels, then get in touch with a scenario and I’ll tell you how I’d turn it into a wetlook adventure if I was your girlfriend. We might be walking by a fountain, or at a wedding where there just happens to be a pool, or casually passing by a hot tub showroom… It’s entirely up to you! I’ll write a story based on your chosen situation, and I’ll post it here on Patreon for you and all my Patrons can enjoy.

If you’re already backing me at $10/month or above, have a think about a wet situation you’d like us to end up in if I was your girlfriend, and either email me or send me a message on here. Otherwise, sign up and get access to this stream of fully clothed, soaking wet fantasy scenarios!

Hannah x

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