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Not much happening in the office today so I sneakily logged in to UMD (on my phone, not on my office PC, I’m not crazy!) and now I can’t think about doing anything but going home and getting in a lovely warm bath wearing all the clothes I’ve got on right now – a white blouse with black polka dots, black trousers, white undies, I might even keep my shoes on! I don’t do that very often because they’re a pain to get dry, but that’s how I’m feeling right now. Thanks a lot, new UMD friends!

Only problem is I can’t leave the office for another hour and a half! Come on, time!

Hi, I’m Hannah.

A woman in the rain

Hi, I’m Hannah. I’m 27, I live in north-east England, I’m pretty average looking I guess. Yeah, nothing special about me at all. Except this: I absolutely love to get wet with my clothes on.

You heard me. I will happily fill the bathtub with lovely warm water and climb in, still wearing all my clothes. Whatever I’m wearing when the mood takes me – T-shirt and jeans, my office clothes, pyjamas, a nice dress, whatever – I like nothing better than to deliberately soak it all. I get such a rush of excitement knowing I’m doing something that’s seen as “wrong”, even though it’s completely harmless – the worst that could happen is that the colour runs or something might shrink, but over the years I’ve soaked pretty much everything in my wardrobe and that hardly ever happens. » Read more

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